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Special thanks to all those who have directly or indirectly contributed to LOTR Arts


[fusion_tab title="~ Middle-earth friends"]

Jack Trautman  (j2112tbooks)    ✦

Kenneth Ditrich   (kwd1948)    ✦

Aaron O’Brien    ✧

Soni Alcorn-Hender    ✦

Len Bellinger   (ocdlotr)       ✦

Jason Potratz    ✧

Javier Gonzalez    ✧

Keven Reinke   (Reinke Arts)       ✧

Ian Doughty   (itd64)    ✦

Holly   (shansyhere)       ✦

Ingrid Hardy      ✦


[fusion_tab title="~ LOTR related webpages"]

J.R.R. Tolkien Society    ✦

Lord Of The Rings    ✦

Howard Shore Composer    ✦

Original Art that fits in your pocket    ✦

TOPPS    ✧

Sideshow WETA    ✦

WETA    ✦

Harper Collins    ✦

The Encyclopedia of Arda    ✧

Frame Cap Library    ✧

TK421: The Lord of the Rings movies    ✦

Screen Capped    ✧

Arwen Undomiel    ✧

Wikipedia    ✦

Tolkien Books    ✧

The One Ring    ✧

Jeff Allender’s House of checklists    ✦

Sketch Collectors    ✦

LOTR Sketch Cards    ✦

LOTR Sketches    ✧

LOTRO    ✧


[fusion_tab title="~ LOTR forums"]

Scoundrel Publishing: Art Community Forum    ✧

Blowout Cards    ✦

The One Ring    ✧

Tolkien Guide    ✦

Flame of Udun    ✦


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WordPress Theme: Avada    ✧

Custom Features and Support: Firsh    ✧

Premium Gallery: Justified Image Grid    ✧

Image Database: Nextgen    ✧

Front Page Slider: Slider Revolution    ✧

Lightbox: Floatbox    ✧

Music: MP3-jPlayer    ✧