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News: June-July 2024

- Site still in construction

- Adding photographs and prices of Magazines and Journals to Books

- Adding photographs and prices of Statues to Replicas

- Adding scans of CZX Middle-earth sketches to Cards

- Completing store functionality with currency converter and shipping calculator
- AusPost Shipping calculator issue converting USD to AUD for cost and extra cover on international orders

- Some items in the collection are for sale, while the site is still under construction please use the contact form for more information regarding any item

News: May 2023

- Site rebuild in oxygen builder

- Restyling and uploading all artist and collector articles

- Adding SALE and SOLD and TRADED filters to each of the collections,

      For the purpose of selling a small number of cards, artwork, replicas and books from the collection

      Produce a new range of LOTR ARTS wall prints, tshirts and stainless steel mugs late 2023!

News: February 2020

LOTRArts dedication to Christopher Tolkien who died on 15 January: "Middle-earth's first scholar”

• An article in Middle-earth artists : showcase : by Ken Ditrich showcasing the Middle-earth art of John Howe.

• New Art: featuring James Henry Smith's 2015 Leaf Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Sketch Card: Gandalf

News/features from other sites

• History on Film Series: Tolkien (2019) on February 13, 2020   ✦

• Tolkien Society: Sprinmoot and AGM 2020   ✦

• Tolkien, Journey to Middle-earth:   ✦
News: January 2020

• 3 January: commemorating the 128th birth-date of J.R.R. Tolkien: Master of Middle-earth

• Special feature on 3 January in Artist and collector articles : 'From another collector's viewpoint based in the UK..........' by itd64.

• Planned for March: Updating the website for mobile and to improve load times

News/features from other sites

• Tolkien Society: Tolkien Birthday Toast 3 Jan 2020   ✦

• Sad news: Christopher Tolkien has died on 16 January 2020; from the Tolkien Society:   ✦

It is with great sadness that we can confirm that Tolkien’s son and literary executor Christopher Tolkien has died aged 95. Christopher was born in Leeds, United Kingdom, on 21 November 1924. After a childhood in Oxford, he joined the RAF during the Second World War and was stationed to South Africa. After the war, he finished his studies and became a lecturer in Old and Middle English as well as Old Icelandic at the University of Oxford. After his father’s death in 1973, he became the literary executor of the Tolkien Estate and went on to edit and publish his father’s unpublished material starting with The Silmarillion in 1977 and ending with The Fall of Gondolin in 2018. From Shaun Gunner, Tolkien Society Chair: We have lost a titan and he will be sorely missed.

From LOTRArts: The world owes Christopher an enormous debt for ensuring the continuing development and revelation of his father’s legacy such that his Middle-earth is still revered with such a passion across the world and by all generations.

• Tolkien, the compelling exhibition at Paris BnF – pictures   ✦

• Tolkien Society 2020 Calendar   ✦

• Tolkien Society Oxonmoot September 2020   ✦

• TOR.n at Alamo Drafthouse Lord of the Rings Feast 9 January 2020   ✦

• Tolkien Society awards and youtube features:   ✦
• LOTRArts development (after a break of some months) : continues in January

News articles from other sites

• New exciting collaboration with sketch blog: LOTR Throwback, Original Art that fits in your pocket   ✦

Proceedings of Centenary Conference now online, The Tolkien Society   ✦

A huge J.R.R. Tolkien exhibition at Paris BNF for Fall 2019   ✦

New York Tolkien Conference March 16-17 2019   ✦
• LOTRArts development (after a break of some months) : continues in October

• Continuing 2018 special feature of Middle-earth artists : showcase : article on the LOTR art of Alan Lee.

• New Art: featuring James Henry Smith's 2015 Leaf Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Sketch Card: Gandalf : to be showcased.

News articles from other sites

Middle-earth Festival 2018, The Tolkien Society   ✦

Today in Middle-earth, September 29   ✦

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Final Posthumous Book Is Published   ✦
• Article on Tolkien art : uploaded in May.

• New feature: Middle-earth artists : showcase released in preliminary form.

• New Art: featuring Sean Pence's Éowyn: "Lord Aragorn - where is he?" : to be showcased.

News articles from other sites

Middle-earth Festival 2018, The Tolkien Society   ✦

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show may incorporate Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth   ✦

New JRR Tolkien book 'inspired by Battle of the Somme' to be published this year   ✦
• Article on Tolkien art : coming in May.

• New feature: Middle-earth artists : showcase : under construction.

• New Art: featuring Len Bellinger's Frodo at the Dead Marshes : uploaded.

News articles from other sites

Programme announced for The Tolkien Society Seminar 2018   ✦

Middle-earth Festival 2018, The Tolkien Society   ✦

JRR Tolkien's "The Fall of Gondolin" is set to be published in August   ✦

J.R.R. Tolkien Podcasts   ✦
• Article by artist Bruce Gerlach - ‘Illustrative Meanderings’: uploaded.

• New Art: featuring Bohemian Weasel's Fëanor, spirit of Fire in three artistic forms: uploaded.

• New feature: Middle-earth artists : showcase being created.

• New section: YouTube 'all-things-Tolkien': FOTR sketch storyboard Chapter 1: coming soon

News articles from other sites

Tolkien Reading Day 2018   ✦

Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth, Bodleian Libraries   ✦

Mordor 20th Anniversary ~ Coming March 15   ✦
• Article: The search for 'the 36' by Stormcrow: uploaded.

• New Art: Eleven storyboard sketches: uploaded.

News articles from other sites

The Tolkien Society News February 2018   ✦

Tolkien | Hobbit Movie News and Rumors |™   ✦

Middle-earth News - The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien, Middle-earth news   ✦

Bodleian to host unprecedented Tolkien exhibition   ✦
• Article: One year of LOTR Arts: posted on 3 January.

• New Art: Soni Alcorn Hender's mixed media filigree Rivendell:   ✦

• New website section: YouTubes featuring 'all-things-Tolkien': coming soon

News articles from other sites

Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth Exhibition 1 June-28 October 2018 Weston Library, Oxford:   ✦

Tolkien Birthday Toast 2018 by The Tolkien Society:   ✦

J.R.R. Tolkien timeline by Michael Flowers from The Tolkien Society:   ✦

• Howard Shore 2018 LOTR concerts:   ✦
• Article: from David Rabbitte on his art and Middle-earth

• New Art: Gabriel Hernandez The Eagles are coming!

News articles from other sites

J.R.R. Tolkien: A Biographical Sketch by David Doughan MBE from The Tolkien Society:   ✦

Lord of the Rings: Could Ian McKellen Reprise Gandalf for Amazon? by Lesley Goldberg as reported on The (19 December):   ✦

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Christmas letters to his children bring echoes of Middle-earth to the North Pole by Dimitra Fimi in Gove Online (22 December):   ✦
LOTR Arts article: Building my collection of LOTR Fellowship and Hobbit Dwarf character sets by Kenneth Ditrich

News articles from other sites

UVic professor concerned about possible marring of Tolkien's legendarium from CBCnews (21 November):   ✦

Lord of the Rings on TV: five brilliant Tolkien storylines it could cover by Larry Bartleet from NME (17 November):   ✦

Tolkien Rights and the Amazon Television Deal – some insight by Greendragon from (15 November):   ✦

Filming for Tolkien film takes over Liverpool City Centre from Echo:   ✦

Warner Bros in Talks for Series Adaptation (EXCLUSIVE) from Variety:   ✦

Why is Tolkien so popular? by Shaun Gunner (the Tolkien Society):   ✦

• Announcement: Tolkien illustrator Roger Garland has died by Daniel Helen (the Tolkien Society):   ✦      Extremely sad news. LOTR Arts will be posting a special dedication to Roger.
• Article: Where and when was Middle-earth? from the Encyclopedia of Arda

• New Art: Gonzalez's Battle of the Five Armies Artist Proofs
• Article: The passion for the panel by Hadiya

A journey across Middle-earth via sketches of iconic locations
• Article This Replica Life – My Kingdom for a Sword by Anthony Gibbs

• Continue the development of A journey across Middle-earth via sketches of iconic locations
3 June
• Article by artist Ingrid Hardy

18 June
• Recently acquired gems from John Watkins-Chow, including another piece of 'The Ring Goes South'

30 June
• Upload concept of: A journey across Middle-earth via sketches of iconic locations
3 May
• Article: On The Periphery of Tolkien Art by Holly

25 May
• DeLiz - the third card of a four-card panel: uploaded

Postponed until June
• A journey across Middle-earth via sketches of iconic locations
3 April
• Article: The inspiration of The Lord of the Rings

16 April
• Recently acquired sketches from Jason Potratz and Jack Hai: uploaded

25 April
The Return of the King sketch storyboard, instalment 2: uploaded
3 March
This Replica Life - An Introduction: uploaded.

18 March
New sketches: eleven PSCs from Javier Gonzalez (Blackhilt Studios): uploaded.

25 March
The Return of the King storyboard Instalment 1: uploaded.
2 February
The Two Towers storyboard Instalment 1: uploaded.
• Storyboard: improving the chapter navigation.
LOTR Arts shop: launch postponed to March, date to be advised.

3 February
• Interview with Soni Alcorn-Hender (Bohemian Weasel): uploaded

7 February
The Two Towers storyboard Instalment 2: upload commenced.
• Storyboard chapter navigation streamlined, further improvement being developed.

24 February
The Two Towers storyboard Instalment 2: upload completed.
3+ January
TROL improvements: working on fixing mouse-over and other issues in some chapters.

5 January
FOTR storyboard improvements: 'how to navigate' header, 'next/back' buttons and clickable sketch images.
LOTR Arts upload speed: investigating how to improve the slow upload reported with some browsers.

6 January
LOTR Arts Artwork: added links to artists' websites to all artwork.
LOTR Arts links to other sites: working on replacing current diamond link image.
LOTR Arts Links page: added a new section for LOTR forums and will be adding links to various LOTR topic forums.

8 January
Articles: organising article to be posted on 3 February.

18 January
Books: added Tolkien tags to many book images.

19 January
Introductions: updated/amended wording.

26 January
FOTR storyboard improvements: added a 'how to navigate' header.

27 January
Articles: finalised article to be posted on 3 February.

31 January
Two Towers storyboard: commencing formatting for upload on 2 February.
Second half 2017
• Configure website for tablets and mobiles.
• photos and video of the LOTR Arts collection and display room.
• home page slider, image theme Wearers of the Rings.
LOTR Arts Shop launch.
The Synthesis of Being website launch
• consolidate a signature identification list for all LOTR set artists

31 October
• Birthday of Peter Jackson 31 October 2017.
• Publication of The Synthesis Of Being: a fantasy rooted in the very fundamentals of life.