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~ Artwork
The images in this gallery are scans from the artists from whom the artwork was purchased. Photos of the artwork in the collection display will be uploaded soon.


Paintings: original The Lord of the Rings art in larger format than sketch art

These include art from the following artists.
• Jerry Vanderstelt: portrait of Strider (licenced and approved by Warner Bros and New line Cinema).
• Jason Potratz and Jack Hai: portrait of Aragorn.
• Soni Alcorn-Hender: two landscapes of Rivendell.
• Ralph Bakshi: original film cell from the Bakshi film of Nazgûl at the river Bruinen.
• Jason Potratz and Jack Hai: twelve card panel of The Last Alliance.

Original The Lord of the Rings drawings: finished artworks

These include drawings from the following artists.
• Drew Struzan: coloured drawing of ‘Bilbo mesmerized’. Art for The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) Topps MII Trading Card set, reproduced for trading cards. Part of a nine drawing set. Medium: Colored pencils & acrylic paints on colored paper: size: 12.5 inches: Year 2007.
• Soni Alcorn Hender: drawings of Tolkien-lore Éowyn and Éomer and drawings of Frodo and Sam commissioned for the end credits of a LOTR parody

Original preliminary The Lord of the Rings drawings

These include: • Russ Walks: the original drawing for the etched foil puzzle for Masterpieces II
• Roger Garland: three LOTR book cover working drawings
• Joe Corroney: the original pencil drawing for his Masterpieces II base card #39: Aragorn vs Ringwraiths.

Limited edition The Lord of the Rings collector lithographs

These include, from: • Alan Lee: Sideshow Weta Rivendell limited edition lithograph and original filmstrip, signed by Lee, Jackson, Taylor
• Vanderstelt Studios: the collector edition lithographs of FOTR, TT and ROTK, each signed with commissioned hand-drawn remarque.

Non-LOTR paintings

A number of original paintings from Australian artists, images of which will be uploaded to the website by mid-2017.

Non-LOTR tapestries

A number of tapestries, images of which will be uploaded to the website by mid-2017.