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~ Replicas
The images in this gallery are from the manufacturers' sites, in particular from WETA Workshop
Photos of the replicas in their collection display will be uploaded soon.

The collection contains select film replicas.

Collection specifics

The main Lord of the Rings replica designers and manufacturers

WETA workshop: set, prop, animation and model-makers of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films.
Sideshow Collectibles: specialty manufacturer of licenced and original collectibles.
WETA/Sideshow partnership: responsible for development and marketing polystone collectibles; 2001-2005.
NECA: manufacturer of wholesale licenced merchandise, action figures and prop replicas and collectibles.
Noble collection: licenced creator of movie merchandise, crafted treasures, props and collectibles.
Magnoli Props: specialize custom-made unique props for film, stage and collectors.

Special editions
The collectible can be produced in open or limited edition, in which case it is usually individually numbered.

In addition, a small number of Artist Proofs are produced. Artist Proofs are made outside the regular production run in order to provide a check on quality. Typically they are given to film officials (eg Peter Jackson), artists or trade clients.

In some cases, a figure’s number is highly significant, such as, #666 Sauron, the Dark Lord figure, or #111 Bag End environment (as The Lord of the Rings commenced with 111th birthday of Bilbo Baggins).

The collection is focused on Artist Proofs or special number replicas.

In the world of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films, anything is collectible, and is collected. The range is staggering; the Lord of the Rings memorabilia industry is enormous.

This collection only has a few select items (eg Magnoli Red Book of Westmarch), primarily as they feature in the telling of The Ring of Light.