LOTR Arts reviews, experiences, insights on The Lord of the Rings, Art and Collecting

(12) January 2018. One Year of LOTR Arts by YB (Hadiya)

(11) December 2017. Art and Middle-earth by David Rabbitte

(10) November 2017. Building my sketch card collection of LOTR Fellowship and Hobbit Dwarf character sets by Kenneth Ditrich

(9) October 2017. Where and when was Middle-earth? from the Encyclopedia of Arda

(8) September 2017. 'The passion for the panel' by YB (Hadiya)

(7) July 2017. This Replica Life – My Kingdom for a Sword by Anthony Gibbs

(6) June 2017. The Quiet Insanity of a Freelancer by Ingrid Hardy

(5) May 2017. On The Periphery of Tolkien Art by Holly

(4) April 2017. The Journey to Sketch Card Art by Keven Reinke

(3) March 2017. This Replica Life - An Introduction by Anthony Gibbs

(2) February 2017. Interview with Soni Alcorn-Hender (BohemianWeasel)

(1) January 2017. My Personal Journey Into The World Of Sketch Card Collecting by Kenneth Ditrich